Why should you need a car dvr camera ?

Why should you need a car dvr camera ?

  With the rapid increase of motor vehicles, various types of accidents increase, sometimes due to various reasons, the destruction of the accident scene, they could not find the spot Watch witness to traffic, It bring much difficulties to the vehicle management department and cause unnecessary disputes. People involved in accident spend too much time to evacuate from the scene,which is the main reason for urban traffic jams .

  Especially during peak commuting, it easily lead to secondary accidents causing casualties.For those who really extortion case fake crash,caused them huge losses at spiritual and material .What’s worst,The parties could not find a direct witnesses in a short time and it is quite difficult for us to work out the real situation of the accident site.

  For such boring and unhappy situations,How can you safeguard of your legal rights in an accident? Just need a mini car black box ! What is car black box? Actually you also can call it car dvr camera.It’s a small machine Using digital image sensor technology, making a dynamic records for the whole process before and after the moment of an accident.It can play the video itself or by other players, you can clearly visualize the whole process of the accident, including geographical environment, vehicle condition, and a variety of other factors that affect traffic safety!


  1. Policeman can understand traffic accident scene quickly and accurately distinguish accident liability

  2. Insurance claims will be more accurate and efficient

  3. To prevent the escape vehicle traffic accident

  4. To prevent traffic perpetrators escape

  5. The drivers will be more more comply with traffic rules safe driving and reduce accidents.

  6. Record the truth, to retain legal basis — Car black box

  Are you clear why you need a car dvr camera now ?

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