Why my sport camera not waterproof? Why my waterproof case button Rusted?

Why my sport camera not waterproof? Why my waterproof case button Rusted?

With the coming hot Summer , outdoor activities are more necessary in spare time!Many people would go to the beach for swimming or surfing rather than hiking or climb mountains.Stay in the water is cool and eternal memory is the most beautiful,so waterproof sport camera has been essential when for outdoor events!

If your camera is not waterproof ,you can’t take the videos under water! Maybe you will tell me:it’s so easy to just put one waterproof case to my camera! Yeah, that’s right! But did you think over this problem in deep that what kind of waterproof case is more suitable for underwater activities ? There are many kinds of waterproof case in the market, How can you tell the difference when you buy a waterproof sport camera? Let me introduce the waterproof case to you briefly!

From the outside appearance, you will know waterproof case make up of four parts: shell,rubber ring,buttons and screw!
There are two kinds of shell material: ABS and PC! From transparency, scratch and drop capabilities, and is, PC is better than ABS!

Second is the rubber ring,whether good or not depends on its level of purity and goodness of fit! If its grade is not high enough, when soak in water for a long time, it will deteriorate or decay, thus losing the waterproof ability!

  Buttons and screws are also worthy of study!Its material also plays an important role for the underwater sport camera. If the buttons and screws are not stainless steel,the life of waterproof case will greatly reduce!In order to reduce the cost price to get more customers, some suppliers use iron for the buttons and screws! We all know that the seawater is salty concentrations than freshwater and highly corrosive.Iron rust easily! Once screws were rusty ,the waterproof case is not firm. The terrible result is that the waterproof case easily fall apart your camera .If the button is eroded, it is hard to operate your camera.What’s worst,the water will seep directly into the waterproof case.In such case, it is nothing for the waterproof housing case ? This is really a bad thing!

If you are not professional or non-technical,It’s difficulty to tell these details,especially for online sales you can not see or even touched, only one way can help you identify : Let your seller to provide you with product certificates!Maybe they’ll fraud but will ending with losing many reliable customers!
Shenzhen Chuangshitong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on customer experience .We strictly select raw materials and monitor each production process.All cameras were full inspection(Pressure test) before ship out,which greatly reduce the defective rate!We are committed to provide you with a cost-effective waterproof sport camera!

  Our waterproof case use high-strength PC plastic material imported from Germany,it’s durable! It can withstand low temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius, impact resistance. It adopted a specialized laboratory tests that providing 60m waterproof, dustproof, drop resistance, wear protection for the motion of the camera.In the camera window section, our waterproof camera case is made of Corning Gorilla optical glass material, and the AR (anti-reflection) and AF (anti-fingerprint) double optical coating process!

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