What’s the battery of chuangshitong sport cameras?

What’s the battery of chuangshitong sport cameras?

  For action camera, the battery is like sun to our life.It is the principal part of camera.

  Normally, the battery of action cameras is replaceable Li-ion battery 900mAh/3.7V 3.885Wh, such as sj4000,sj6000,while 2k 1080p sport cameras is with superior battery 1050mah.The Li-ion rechargeable battery with full power can last 90mintues,longer with 1050mah can keep working for about 2 hours.

  In our warehouse,we stock the same battery in case any urgent delivery.The first feature of our battery is a user replaceable battery.But even if there is no need for you to replace a battery, to keep a extra battery charged is a good way to recorded twice as much fun.For some extreme sport fans , the only few minutes solution to a dead battery is a ready-to -go full extra battery, which can make the action camera working for about 5 hours, even underwater.

  Foremost important , chuangshitong battery has passed MSDS certificate , customer can check it on our website www.sport-cameras.com.

  How to extend battery life?

  1,Try to use a separated charger to charger the battery, it is much fast;

  2,Whenever you charger ,please make sure that it is full power once a time ,normally it takes about 2 hours to have full power for the battery of action camera;After it is full, then it should stop charger;

  3,Please do not take out the battery when camera is on;

  4,Please do not put the battery in a acidic or wet environment, the cool and dry environment is the best;

  5,Avoid that battery get short circuit and high-current discharge.

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