What is action camera?

What is action camera?

The topic of action camera is more hot at present, but many people do not know what is action camera? What is different from ordinary camera, what innovative features have it?

In a sense, action camera is designed for sports. Smart phones or digital cameras can not use, or less than desired angle shooting in many sports,including diving, swimming, bungee jumping,cycling and so on. and action camera is able to do easily, so this is why people buy the action camera.

However, action camera literally easy to be understand, but it’s actually quite high technical barriers, let’s look at the action camera on the specific conditions in which to have:

(1) light and mini appearance. Action camera generally is worn on the body, so the weight is not too heavy. It is about 100g.

(2) Three defense. Waterproof, dust proof, anti-collision is standard for action camera

(3) Clear shooting. Shooting of the action camera depends on the main chip, the image sensor and lens.
(4)Rich accessories . Only accessories is rich, tied to your head, fixed on top of the bike, or wear on dog ……its real charm free your hand.

  5) Operate easily. It just have few buttons.

  It is seemingly insignificant, but it is full-function. Action camera will be more and more popular in the future.

  Action camera is latest selfie sticker

  A few years ago, Casio introduced “selfie sticker”, then the selfie sticker has become a hot seller of the electronics industry.

  Now, if you still took a heavy SLR to travel, you are out.

  Imagine you are skiing, and you have to hold the Casio to do pose; when you are enjoying the snorkeling time in Maldives,are you going to buy waterproof that will leak water anytime? So action camera is your essential goods when you are traveling.

  Action camera is usually consists of two parts including cameras and sensors. It can be fixed on the head, without taking up his hands, take pictures of the user’s perspective. The user only needs to fix the body or vehicle, then you can start it.

  In additional, price of the multi-functional sports camera is not high.The waterproof function is a must of the perfection part when buyers use the selfie sticker,which make you feel freely when doing outside activities.

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