What functions does a good car camera need?

What functions does a good car camera need?

Wide Angle
Wide Angle shot is a necessary function for a car black box,which make the video shooting is not only confined to the front part,also the camera recorder with a wider angle can record more content.

G-sensor -An emergency save
G – sensor function automatically save the video when the vehicle was hit, and will keep the video of the time alone, will not be automatically covered.

The night vision function
The night vision function can shooting in weak light environment.We not only drive to work during the day, also will drive to go home at night. For the night under the condition of environmental brightness is not high, car black box with good night vision ,especially with WDR/HDR function, is prepared to be taken in night vision, Otherwise,it can’t record anything when night driving.

HD video
In addition to the car camera can work under various environment, recorder itself need be of high definition.It records the image of the process when driving, the image is the clearer, the better.The image recorded is clear enough to see the details of each place including license plate number,face and so on.

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