Venus case

Venus case

My first customer is from RFQ, Our sub-accounts have 5 RFQ opportunities each day. I have caught all the opportunities in the morning and then add their TM into my customer, send the quotation again and leave them a short message.

Due to different time zones we live in,There is no any feed back. I send a message by TM to ask my customer whether she have received my quotation when they began work. Fortunately, She replied and asked more details about our products. After the discussion, She seemed very satisfied with our products, then i quote our basic price 40USD/PCS. There is no further feedback for a long time, i think she is thinking for the price, so i asked the probable qty she need, if quality is bigger, price can be more favorable. Then she informed that their first trial order is just 50PCS, and the target price is 39USD/PCS. But this price is the one we quote based on 100PCS. And as the cost for materials are rising that time. If 39USD/PCS while qty less than 100PCS, we would be in loss. I told the customer all the difficult we faced, but we are expecting the further more bigger and long cooperation between us, we would do our best we can do to support them, and then we would provide our bottom price 39.5USD/PCS. Hope she can understand well.

After some time, customer feedback again, She thanks our support and accept our price . And then, asked me to provide the PI, confirming the lead-time, payment term and so on. They arranged the amount in day, and the goods also been sent on time. Customer are very satisfied after receiving the goods.

And after some more long time, i have asked the customer how is the market for our products. She informed that market are very good, and they would repeat the order very soon. And by now, this customer have already repeat 3 orders, she is not just my customer but also my friends now, we also talking about the interested things in our life. Hope this relationship can be last forever.

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