The best action camera designed for shooting

The best action camera designed for shooting

An excellent sports camera provides multiple functions to help you make great videos of the most extreme attacks. Some functions, such as image stabilization and waterproof housing, are necessary. Other features, such as touch screen, 4K resolution, and remote control compatibility, are not necessarily the success or failure of sports cameras. Keep reading to find the best sports camera for you. If you have achieved good results with an action camera not mentioned here, please share it in the comments.

AUSEK AT-S80ER Action Camera

In terms of features and performance, this is the best single-lens sports camera you can get from AT-S80ER at the moment. Compared with the Hero 8 Black, there are new photo and video tools, such as the ability to schedule recordings or set them to a specific duration — from 15 seconds to 3 hours — and it now records 4K at 60 frames per second. This may sound overkill, but you can extract high-quality still images from the video, making 4K video perfect for situations where you can’t choose between acquiring a movie or a still image.

However, the biggest change lies in the design of the AT-S80ER camera. AT-S80ER is bigger to accommodate larger and more powerful batteries. The lens cover is now also removable, so if it gets scratched, it can be easily replaced. It also allows you to add lenses, including the new SONY lens, to provide you with an ultra-wide field of view with ultra-smooth stabilization. The current price of action cameras is around US$80.

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