Special new outdoor activities for May holiday 2015

Special new outdoor activities for May holiday 2015

  Hey, holiday comes. It is a relax time for all of us to take a deep breath and enjoy it.It is

  no more better to go outside to do some sporty activities rather than stay at home .

  Coast and Beach

  To discover somewhere new in Shenzhen,China,it is the coast and beach. People enjoy the sunshine, go swimming, cycling, climbing etc. What’s more, the young adore to taking out their action camera, record the self-made video with families and friends , better with a self-sticker .Don’t forget to share in your network.To share is to gain.

  Stay at home

  Well, Maybe you’re the one who like to leave yourself alone and have a good rest , just stay at home. Watch TV, such as the hottest start reality show ”running man “ in china,laugh at loudly.

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