Ritmix case

Ritmix case

Once we got the message from our partner in Russia,the Russia goverment make a rule that all the car must be inset the car camera ,Ausek limited added the new business line:car camera /dash camera .

Ritmix case

Luckily ,One day ,we received a call from a russian ,it is Alex, the product manager from Ritmix inquired 12,000pcs car camera with 270 degree rotatable screen.

The smart sales lisa from Ausek limited send an offered, and the product user manual ,color box design,sample video to Alex at once ,May because Ausek limited is the first factory who produce the car camera ,may because lisa gave the best offer and the perfect information ,after 15 days details confirmation ,the PO from ritmix is coming .

All workers come to AUSEK limited celebrate this important moment ,and Engineer,QC,purchaser,PMC teams had meeting together ,we promised to give the best quality ,the best service to Ritmix .

As this successfully project ,we believe Ausek limited will become bigger and bigger and will get more and more project of the car camera.

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