Recruitment News

Recruitment News

Ausek Limited, is a professional manufacturer which focus on high-definition imaging sport cameras. It become a strength factory Since a big deal for 16 K pcs action camera in 2010. With the rapidly development, All sales in Ausek can’t catch up with the market demand, so Ausek decide to enlarge it’s team.
Now we need three new teams for sales, total 18 people. If you are want to join in us , please feel free to contact us, call +86 13927439912, or send me E-mail to , we will give you fast reply!

  Why we are a ideal factory for you ?

  First: We are young team full of energy!

  Second:We have training every week for sales skills!

  Third: We have competition for personal and team, you can learn more from others and get prize!

  Fourth: We have outdoor activities every month this is good for establish team relationship!

  Welcome you join in us!

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