Kid’s camera purchase guides

Kid’s camera purchase guides

When I first came into know sports cameras, GoPro was the only one, and there are far fewer sports camera brands than there are today.

Observed over the past few years, although GoPro is still the leader in the field of sports cameras, I have seen more and more brands enter this field, and there is a momentum of competition and even surpassing.

As consumers, we are undoubtedly benefiting, but the more branded products, the more difficult it becomes to choose. When you drive in Sichuan and Tibet, the action camera is undoubtedly a better choice for us due to its portability, operability, durability, and large wide-angle. There is no best action camera, only the more suitable one.

What are the most important points when I choose the sports camera myself (in order of priority)

Picture qualityAnti-shakeWaterproofAccessoriesEnduranceAnti-dropTexture

Picture quality-Needless to say, this is definitely the first in my heart.

Anti-shake-I basically use it in outdoor or sports scenes.

Waterproof-I will shoot in swimming pools or on rainy days.

Accessories-sports cameras are very expensive accessories. Without accessories, there will be no wings.

Battery life—how long can a battery last for 4K or 5K video? It’s sad if the battery runs out before you start sports.

Anti-fall-what should I do if the camera flies out when the movement range is large?

Texture-Textured things always make people fall in love with it.

3. Personal recommendation to save choice difficulties

GoPro is the first consumer-grade sports camera. There is no way to avoid this. Although the GoPro10 is still squeezing toothpaste this time, the 10th generation is also the best sports camera in this class, and it can be said to be the most perfect sports camera so far.

But many players also tend to be more cost-effective and relatively affordable. For example, the niche brand of Ausek sports cameras are deeply loved and repurchased by consumers.

Ten highlights of AT-S60ER:

1. The body is very light, weighing only 0.6g, very friendly to girls

0.6g is negligible in our lives, but when you do a lot of exercise and hold the selfie stick in your hand for a long time, the importance of weight will become apparent, and if the machine is too heavy, you will be in a hurry during strenuous exercise. It is very easy to lose balance when turning.

2. 170 degree lens

Don’t worry about not being able to take a picture of yourself, the surrounding environment can be fully recorded, you can choose the angle of view you want at any time during post-production, and you can even shrink the ground to a small size to show the feeling of the planet.

3. color dual screen, support Selfie. When taking a selfie, the pole disappears completely. If you don’t take a closer look, it’s a selfie. If someone helps you take pictures behind you when you are skiing or cycling, it will feel like a drone

4. Support wifi, the function is very powerful, simple and highly playable. It is easy to operate even if you are a little white. You can download the app on your mobile phone to watch, monitor and take pictures, so that your relatives and friends can be assured of the status of extreme activities at any time.

5. It can support remote control, which can reduce the operating burden of extreme sports.

6. Electronic anti-shake: When traveling or extreme sports videos record wonderful and beautiful moments, what everyone must be taboo is that the video content is too shaken to be tolerable. Our product supports electronic anti-shake, which can play an anti-shake effect to a certain extent.

7. 30m waterproof with a waterproof case: No more worrying about damage to the machine when swimming and diving with the camera in the water.

8. The photo and video effects are good, up to 12MP, 4K 60FPS respectively.

9. Strong endurance, the battery capacity is 850 mAh, which can support 1 to 2 hours of outdoor activities.

10. The appearance is high-end, and the texture is good, which will make you fall in love with it.

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