Industry news about action camera

Industry news about action camera

  In 2013.there were only a few action camera on the market,made by companies like EKEN and SJ CAMERA,In the near future, however, the product category will be exploded. Go-Pro may have led the change, but it’s by no means the only player on the field. In order to help buyers make a little more sense of all the choices, here’s a side-by-side comparison of more prominent action cameras.

  After Go-pro happened ,lots of good company start to sell the action camera in the market.what’s the most important is that the action camera solution will have big change.For example All of the models offer 1080p/30fps resolution – that’s 1,920 x 1,080 pixels per frame, shown at 30 frames per second – which will very common in market .In the part of camera can shoot 1080p/60fps now .in the setting also have played back at regular speed, or for slow motion when slowed down in editing. If you want really slow motion that doesn’t look like stop-motion animation, you’ll have to shoot at 120fps.

  In 2013 ,The Go-Pro the only camera that exceeds 1080p, allowing users to shoot at 2.7K/30fps or even 4K/15fps. but it will have lots of model with 4k/30fps in the future. And with the motion detection & time laspe in the menu setting.

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