How to select the right SD cards ?

How to select the right SD cards ?

  SD Cards- the point, the key

  Imagine that you have bought your new sports camera, dashcam or you are thinking of getting one? With the latest design of these cameras, choose the right SD card to match your action camera is foremost important.

  The SD Card is the main storage for an action camera or a car dvr, there are 2 kinds of size, standard and mirco. So the first step to make sure is that you choose the correct size for your action camera. If the memory card can not match the camera, it maybe get stuck , can not make video, and remind you of formatting again and again.

  There are two key points to make sure that what size storage does your memory card support (up to 32GB or above?) and what size does your camera take (standard or micro? 32gb or anything?)

  Ausek Limited sports-camera product, they match Micro 32GB memory card, the class 10 is the best choice for our camera. A top quality card will make your action camera shooting smoothly with high definition .

  As a 10-year dash camera and 6-year sports camera manufacturer, Ausek Limited are devoted ourselves to research and produce the best high definition sports camera, we’d also like to help our customers to purchase the best memory card to match our sports camera .

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