How to record these precious memories forever with your kids during vacation?

How to record these precious memories forever with your kids during vacation?

Have you stay with your children on vacation? You can go where you want to go to see the scenery and enjoy a rare parent-child time. At the end of the trip, how can we let our children and ourselves remember these beautiful things and record these precious memories forever?

Recently, I discovered an artifact that can assist in the production of hand accounts. It can almostly meet most of our needs. At the same time, it can also stimulate children’s interest in observing the world and focus on recording the interesting moments of the journey. It is both work as camera to take picture and videos, also it could print out the picture the camera taken.

This camera model name AD-J05C, Ausek brand, which could only takes 1 second to press the shutter to release the film, which perfectly solves the troubles that children don’t want to wait.

This camera is very simple from photo paper to taking pictures. In general, parents can guide their children a few times to operate completely by themselves. You could remember these button well after tested a few times.

You can press the Power button to turn on or turn off, then you could see the up down left right button to select the icon you want. The icon is easily to recognize to take picture/videos and to check about the pictures and videos taken. Press Shutter button to take picture or taking videos. When the picture has been taken,press left button to print. And also there is 4 puzzle games for children to develop intelligence and have some fun.

And we could see the full details parts and package.

There are 3 rolls of the thermo-sensitive paper within the package for printing. The paper print out would be white and black. And black and white imaging adds some retro charm to the photos.Childres also could paint the color they like for its hobby.

And these papar are easily to get from local market to print more pictures, Of course if you like them you could stick them on the wall of your bedroom.

Let us take this travel artifact, enjoy the scenery during the trip, and keep all the good things and memories during the trip.


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