How to make a perfect and wonderful selfie

How to make a perfect and wonderful selfie

  There is no wrong way to capture a selfie, no matter 45 degree, 120 degree or 170 degree angle, just make the one you want or you love. The selfie is a way of self-expression and the personal choices vary as much as faces ourselves. SELFIE is defined as a photo taken of oneself shared on the social media, such as Intergram, Facebook, Google , twitter ,Wechat.

  Taking selfies is a fun way top show your personality, make your emotion. Selfie is big at the moment and so are the selfie sticker, also called monopod, which is the tool make selfie more convenient and funy.

  When holiday comes, you can see everywhere that a group of tourist using an extension of selfie-sticker for a wind angle image.

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