How to look at the future development of the action camera market?

How to look at the future development of the action camera market?

  After a series of explosive growth in the past few years, sport camera has become exhausted, and GoPro, the giant of sports cameras, has also entered an adjustment period. Not only carried out structural adjustments and layoffs, but also trying to open up new fields. The GoPro drone was recalled made it frustrated in the development. The difficulty of moving the camera up is also greatly improved. However, the good news is that some organizations believe that the sports camera market will grow by 15% in the next four years, which is unexpected.

  The Researching institute Technavio recently released the 2017-2021 Global Sports Camera Industry Survey Report, which states that the market for sports cameras is expected to grow by 15% in 2021.

  The report predicts that the key to the improvement of the sports camera market is that people are becoming more enthusiastic about extreme sports, video socialization is more popular, and personal demand for video is increasing. This is completely different from the traditional mobile phone instead of the pocket camera, and even the main digital camera market that threatens the SLR and micro-single. The sports camera can still be regarded as an under-competitive market, and the market demand is still expanding.

  In addition to a general estimate of the overall sports camera market, Technavio also made predictions about the direction of motion cameras. In view of the continuous pursuit of higher quality in the broadcasting industry, it is expected that by 2021, the output value of the ultra-clear sports camera market will reach 3.3 billion US dollars, while the full HD sports camera will reach 2.2 billion US dollars.

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