How to connect sports camera to PC

How to connect sports camera to PC

  There are many reasons for us to connect a motion camera to a PC, such as storing video on a computer or cloud storage, and editing the video through software.

  To be able to benefit of any of the programs or platforms we’ve simply mentioned, you may would like to know how to connect your action camera to your computer.

  This connectivity divides into two categories, namely wired or wireless.

  Obviously, with the wired choice, there’s a physical connection through a cable, and wireless means there isn’t.

  Wired Connections

  The most common wired connections are usually achieved with the use of a micro-USB cable. At one end you will have the standard USB connector which is plugged into a USB socket on your PC.

  The other end of the cable will have a micro-USB plug which obviously gets plugged into the camera’s Micro-B socket.

  Another wired option that may be available on higher specification cameras is HDMI. Although you are not strictly speaking using it to connect to your PC, you can connect your camera to your PC’s monitor if it has an HDMI input, in order to play your videos directly on to its screen.

  Wireless Connection via Bluetooth

  One of the most common means to connect devices wirelessly is Bluetooth technology. Most action cameras have this, and a PC will either have a built-in Bluetooth adapter or will be compatible with one which plugs into one of its USB ports.

  To connect your camera to your PC, you need to have both devices in ‘search’ mode. Once they find each other’s Bluetooth signal, you will be asked to click to confirm that you want your camera and PC to ‘pair’.

  When they are paired you can send files between the two devices which obviously means you can download photos and videos from the camera and save them to your PC’s hard drive.

  Wireless Connection via Wi-Fi

  Many modern action cameras are Wi-Fi enabled so you can use this to connect to your PC, assuming it has a Wi-Fi adapter. With the camera’s Wi-Fi switched on, you need to go to your PC’s networking menu and select the option to ‘Create a new connection or network’.

  Once you have done so, select the ‘manually connect’ option and then you will need to enter the camera’s Wi-Fi SSID and password to allow the PC to connect to it. When it has, you will be able to send files from your camera to the PC via this wireless network.

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