Common features of mainstream dashcam

Common features of mainstream dashcam

*Wide dynamic range/WDR

It means that the image quality has a higher tolerance. The wider the dynamic range, the more detailed details in the dark and overexposed parts under the same light; if the dynamic range is very narrow, the dark parts will be black and nothing can be seen, and the overexposed parts will be white flowers, and you can see everything in the same way.

*Loop recording function

Most driving recorders save a file every few minutes, instead of saving a huge file in its entirety until the storage space is exhausted. Usually it can be set to save once every 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes, but some models can only save once in 3 minutes (or 5 minutes) and cannot be selected. After the storage space is used up, the system will automatically overwrite the oldest video file, and then continue to record.


In the event of a collision, the driving recorder senses a sudden change in position, and will automatically lock the current video to prevent it from being deleted by the system when the storage space is full. Most driving recorders also have a manual save function, and the current video can be locked by pressing the key.

*Park Mode

Most driving recorders are powered by a cigarette lighter, and the driving recorder will sleep when the car is turned off. The driving recorder with parking mode, even if the vehicle is turned off, if the vehicle body shakes suddenly, the most common situation is that it is scratched by other vehicles. The driving recorder will wake up immediately and start recording, which may cause scratches. Recorded the vehicle. The parking mode is also sensed by the change of gravity, because some recorders put it in the previous item and do not list it separately.

*Motion Dection

Even if the vehicle is turned off, if there are objects moving within a certain range in front of the vehicle, such as someone walking by or other vehicles approaching, the dash cam will automatically wake up and start recording. The park Model records after being hit, and motion detection will start recording when other vehicles are approaching and have not scratched.

It should be noted that the driving recorder itself only carries a small amount of battery, and daily work requires an external power source, usually the cigarette lighter in the car, and the cigarette lighter in the off state does not have a power source, so the driving recorder will not work, so use PARK Model and motion detection functions:

–Either buy a Hardwire kit and connect the driving recorder to the vehicle battery.

–Either buy an external battery pack to power the driving recorder, or even two cigarette lighters–usb adapter cables.

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