best beginner camera for a child 2020

best beginner camera for a child 2020

  Every time when you play with your children, the top priority is to take pictures of the baby’s smiling face and memorable scenery with your mobile phone. When my daughter was 2 years old, she would obediently put her arms around her father’s neck and take pictures of me. When she was three or four years old, she would run and jump, and every time i took out my phone to take a photo, she always yelled that she wanted to shoot too, and she was eager to try.

  In fact, when parents are busy taking pictures of their children, the baby’s heart is also eager to record life with photography like mom and dad. This is the first embodiment of children’s exploration ability and aesthetic ability.

  However, the child is still young, and parents are afraid of being unstable when taking pictures with their mobile phone. If she accidentally breaks the screen, it is another expense for the boss… and looking at the mobile phone screen for a long time is not good for the eyes.

  Before, I saw some children played the kids camera. Although they can take pictures like mobile phones, the photos can only be stored in the memory card and must be transferred to the computer and printed out before they can be viewed. In many cases, children don’t even look at the results of their own photos. At most, they have experienced “photographing addiction”. This is actually not helpful for cultivating children to explore the world consciously.

  When I was visiting a website recently, I accidentally found a children’s printing camera that can be taken immediately, and the things I took can be printed out immediately. Although pixels are not comparable to adult Polaroids and cell phones, they are more than enough for babies to record their lives. As soon as my daughter got this small camera, she was obsessed with it and couldn’t help herself. After sleeping and forgetting to take pictures for more than a week, she didn’t look bored at all.

  Main Features:

  1. Display: 3.0 inch colorfule screen(320*240)

  2. Photo resolution:1M、2M、3M、5M、8M、10M、12M

  3. Wide Angle: 100 degrees

  4. Brust: Off、2P、3P、5P

  5. Video format: AVI

  6. Storage: SD card, up to 32GB

  7. Photo frame: Normal, 4 frames (can be customized)

  8. Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Arabic

  9. Instant Print & Instant Fun: No more waiting for photos to develop. Built for speed, the Kids Printing Camera lets kids revel in the joy of photography with instant printing. The instant print camera lets you shoot and print snapshots directly from the camera body instantly at the push of a button.

  10. Black and White Photos Stimulate Creativity: Black and white images are printed on environmentally friendly, safe, and BPA-free photo paper. Let your young ones bring their creativity to life by decorating and coloring the printed photos with the included cartoon stickers and color pens. Easy to use, economical to own, perfect for kids.

  11. More Fun Camera Effects: This kids camera can shoot professional HD 1080P videos. It also features 35 built-in photo frames (including 8 frames exclusively designed ), 7 photo effects and 6 color video modes. Perfect for your little photographer, this mini video camera puts a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

  12. A Gift Every Kid Will Cherish: This cute print camera is compact and lightweight and comes with a protective silicone cover that is drop-resistant and durable. printing camera comes with 3 rolls of photo paper, a USB Type-C cable and quick start guide so you can get started right out of the box. The kit also includes a camera bag and lanyard, making it easy to carry. An ideal birthday gift or Christmas gift for girls and boys.

  The kids printing camera includes a USB cable, retail box , 3 rolls of thermal paper, a cartoon lanyard, user manual.

  2” Vivid LCD Display

  Equipped with a 3-inch vivid LCD screen and dual cameras, this high-performance camera can easily shoot high-definition videos and 8-megapixel photos, bringing you an incredible visual experience.

  Kid-Friendly Design

  With 6 simple buttons, this easy-to-use camera is specially designed for children aged 3-12. Kids can easily capture quick photos and videos, then print the photo on the spot or print straight from the photo gallery later. They can draw on their photos and create a photo board or collage, which will probably keep them busy for hours.

  Back It Up in a Jiffy

  Transfer photos or videos effortlessly or recharge the easy print camera by connecting it to a computer with the help of the included Type-C cable. View pictures and videos directly from the toddler camera, or from a computer for an enhanced visual effect.

  When my friends heard that I bought a “children’s thermal printing camera” for my daughter, they would ask me why I am not worried about BPA, just in case I will explain it separately.

  First of all, when you get this photo paper, you will find that it is completely different from ordinary thermal printing paper. According to the seller’s description, “Ricoh Group, a Fortune 500 company in Japan, custom-made paper, does not contain BPA”, the reputation of Ricoh Group in the photocopying industry is beyond doubt.

  Secondly, my daughter neither eats paper nor rubs the skin on her face or other skin with paper. There is no BPA hazard in the “ideal state”~

  In fact, no matter what the toy is, it is best for the baby to play within the sight of an adult. This is more important than worrying.

  The front of the camera looks like a smiling little monster, and its big mouth happens to be the paper bin, which adds a good story to the whole photo experience. The color options are blue and pink. The whole machine is designed with rounded corners, which will not scratch children. The protruding part is just a “special handle”, which is in line with the baby’s grasping habits.

  Compared with the real shooting mode, My daughter and I both prefer the effect of comic shooting. We can use colored pens for graffiti in the later stage to add a lot of creative inspiration. My daughter’s daily life is to use her camera to take pictures, then sit quietly and do graffiti. After buying a AK-J50C printing camera, I discovered that the world in the eyes of children is so interesting and different.

  Although my daughter doesn’t know how to take pictures, and doesn’t know how to compose/daylight, etc., when she picked up the camera, she looked like a “little photographer”. she often shouted “Mom, look here!”, and then clicked, recording my various expressions and moments of action.

  With this printing camera, the number of times that my daughter clamored for a mobile phone has visibly decreased, and there is also an additional way to explore/feel the world~ Buying toys for children, isn’t it just for them to grow up while playing?

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