AUSEK brought its products to the exhibition, enabling dual-screen true 4K recording mode

AUSEK brought its products to the exhibition, enabling dual-screen true 4K recording mode

In the field of sports cameras, in addition to the familiar DJI and GoPro brands. There are also domestic brands involved in this rank. For example, Shenzhen AUSEK Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in video electronic products such as sports cameras, children’s cameras, driving recorders, security cameras, etc.
  In terms of sports cameras, AUSEK highlighted its dual-screen 4K sports camera. The AUSEK AT-S60ER is one of them. In addition to supporting up to 4K 60fps video recording, it also added a six-axis EIS anti-shake function. The picture can remain stable and clear. And it has added a 2.0 touch screen and a 1.3-inch color dual screen, which can support the self-timer mode, and also adds wireless remote control and WiFi functions, with a waterproof case that can support 30 meters of water resistance.

For children’s cameras, it adopts a cute appearance design suitable for children. For example, the AD-G23D children’s camera adopts a cute piggy appearance, and the shell has a silicone sleeve, which is non-slip and anti-fall, and the design of the front and rear dual lenses. It can also meet the needs of shooting others or taking selfies.

In terms of driving recorders, some driving recorders can meet 1080P high-definition recording and night shooting, while also providing GPS positioning and 24-hour parking monitoring functions, and some streaming media rearview mirrors can bring front and rear high-definition dual-camera recordings. At the same time, functions such as streaming media can be realized.

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