AUSEK best underwater action camera for 2015 outdoor

AUSEK best underwater action camera for 2015 outdoor

Underwater action camera can be used for different situation that regular video camera can’t.

  Underwater action camera are different from other video cameras.With various kind of accessories including helmet mount,sticker ,strap ,car holder etc, they’re usually designed to fixed with bicycle ,helmet, car and other sporty project .

  Typically , most of them are small,tough and simple ,with a waterproof housing of case that make them become the first love of those who with extreme sport personalities.Together with a lens on front of the camera that record the world in a 170degree wide angle fish-eye perspective.

  Additionally,with advanced technology involved in the action cameras such as WIFI Remote control,Aerial function.Action camera make it possible for special TV shoot while using a regular video camera that would be impossible.

  When choose action camera, don’t just think about the brand, think about what function and how much the cost you want for an action camera.We should make every penis deserve.When you consider the features ,do you really need WIFI, 2K,FHD 1080P,Touch screen?

  We round up 5 of the best CSTECH underwater action cams to figure out their features and uses.


  FULL HD 1080P WIFI waterproof 30M action camera best seller in the market

  Price:around $36

  The CSTECH SJ4000 WIFI is our company’s flagship model, featuring a lot of video options and accessories.It enables full hd 1080p high definition at 30fps.It is quite easy to connect wifi App in both Android and ISO app market.The best feature is PRICE , only $36.Compared its superior function and cost,there is no reason for you to give it up.

  2. 2k Waterproof 50M 1080p at 60fps action cam with remote watch


  The AUSEK LIMITED 2K(1440*1080p)action camera is superior than other models , which can work underwater 50M .Except the WiFi application for Android/iOS lets you access all settings and functions on the camera remotely from your phone,its remote watch allows you to control the camera shooting more conveniently.Other function is HDMI video out AND analog video out via USB for FPV (drones/rc copters/planes).

  3.Cheapest full hd 720p underwater action cam


  This simple action cam is one of the best seller in the market,its cheap price and necessary meet the popularity of function requirement 1.5LCD makes it easy to carry and hold.720P WVGA Recorded in MOV format Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot, Snapper Video encryption enabled.

  4.FULL HD 1080p at 30fps action cam with various accessories


  It has a variety of industry-leading features including digital video recording, photo shooting, audio recording, video display and detachable battery, which makes it perfect for vehicle data recording, photo-shooting, outdoor sports, home security, deep-water probing, etc., allowing you to film at anytime, anywhere. Water-resistant casing that allows you to film fascinating water sports; Detachable battery that is easy to replace and prolongs your camera’s service life 12-megapixel HD wide angle lens. HDMI HD output. Web camera. Support storage cards up to 32GB maximum.

  5. 2.0 INCH hd 1080p Touchscreen waterproof 50M Action camera


  Capture your action packed lifestyle with this dynamic camera. This Gear Pro 1080p HD Sport Action Camera is a phenomenal tool for the action sports enthusiast. It shoots 1080p HD video and has a 1.3MP sensor. The camera comes loaded with a 2″ touchscreen display, and it supports MicroSD cards up to 32GB. It comes with a number of amazing accessories so right out of the gate you’re ready to go.

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