AUSEK 2019 Mid-Year Party

AUSEK 2019 Mid-Year Party

  AUSEK welcomed the Annual Mid-Year Party on 17th, Aug. CEO (Andy Mu) kicked off in the wonderful and sincere speech. Mr Mu made a comprehensive summary of the company’s future development and proposed the company’s future development ideas.

  At this annual party, all of our colleagues performed a variety of cultural programs. Sing, dance, and play the guitar. The exciting WeChat red envelope event made the whole party climax.

  The boss commended and rewarded those excellent employees. The 40-inch LCD TV, and 256G memory RED MI phone finally fell into the hands of our million hero colleagues.

  The Mid-Year Party was successfully concluded in a harmonious, passionate and joyful atmosphere, demonstrating the spirit of the AUSEK employees who are energetic, positive and united. Looking back at 2008, we work together, work hard, harvest together, look forward to 2019, we have the same goal, full of confidence, and look forward to tomorrow will be more brilliant.

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