Ausek 2.45 inch action camera will be trend in 2019

Ausek 2.45 inch action camera will be trend in 2019

  Like the development of mobile phones,the screen of the action camera is getting bigger,from 1.5 inch,2 inch to 2.35 inch and 2.45 inch touch screen.

  In the coming of Global sources Hong Kong Fair in Oct , the newest action camera from Ausek is also the 2.45 inch models with different chipset,such as All winner V3, V5,Novatek,Hisilicon and so on, we will show different models ,the mainly features :

  1.AUSEK 2.45 inch 4K Action Camera – Capture Incredible Moments

  The Ausek newest 4K sports action camera with 2.45 inch screen lets you forever capture the brilliant moments of your life in ultra-high definition.

  2.LCD Touchscreen & 170° wide-angle lens

  Ausek Action camera With a 2.45-inch intuitive touchscreen, previewing and playing back your shots is both convenient and fun. This is also very handy for adjusting settings. Its sleek appearance and perfect size make it both portable and easily mountable, whilst the 170° wide-angle lens shoots the world around you perfectly.

  3.Share Your Awesome Moments via Wi-Fi

  Download the Ausek app and connect it with your device to seamlessly share your moments to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. in time.

  4. Gyro Stabilization

  Ausek Action camera built-in electronic image stabilization (EIS) with a 3-axis gyroscope (turn Gyro on when shooting video) provides a more stable image when the camera is subject to shocks.

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