At AUSEK Limited we turn 10 and we want to celebrate with you. Now,Let me share some exciting moments with you.

  AUSEK Limited celebrates 10 years of strong partnerships with the top world distributors and our materials suppliers in China .

  Adhering to the policy of “focusing on customer’s needs,realizing a win-win solution”,AUSEK become the TOP 5 manufacturer in Action Camera and Dashcam industry in China in passed 10 years.

  AUSEK CEO-Andy Mu’s speech

  As the leading consumer electronics-action camera & Dashcam manufacturer in China,we aspire to continuously stay on top of the international and local market trends,with a specific focus on Imaging,Video,Audio,Wireless.

  It as a pillar when we began in 2008 and is firmly entrenched today.Built on a strong level of partnership with our suppler chain–raw materials supplier,we strive to product the most economical car dvr ,sport cameras,bluetooth speaker and create the best margin for our clients.80% of our raw materials suppliers is the leading factory with more than 5 years history,all pass ISO9001 ,BSCI.

  Thanks to our suppliers,they are all the time devoted to sharing the newest information to lead and support AUSEK to go further.Thanks for your co-efforts in every cooperation to satisfy all our requests.You’re the key for our AUSEK to harvest customers’ approval. Thanks to all of you, we can be strong and brave to win the customers’ supports.

  We’re appreciated for our client’s support,we understand your business and your market.We will continue to provide the right product with competitive price,nice package and high level after-sales service.What we pursuit is long-term business with our client and win-win solution.Thanks to your strong supports, we have made tremendous achievements.

  In next 10 years, we will improve our service and quality control system continuously though More advanced scientific management.

  Awarding session

  You always work hard in your positions to strengthen our company. Thanks to your great efforts,

  AUSEK can embrace such a bright times.

  You are a model in the advanced and a banner in the pacesetter. You have used practical actions to interpret the true meaning of hard work and excellence. You are well-deserved oxen spirit.

  If the employee is the foundation of the house, then the supervisor is the pillar of the house. The supervisor is the most basic team manager of the company and is the bridge to contact the staff.”

  All Ausek families cheer up for AUSEK 10 YEAR Anniversary

  All of our family gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of AUSEK. Look back to the glorious course of the past ten years, share the brilliant achievements of the past ten years, and jointly look forward to creating a brighter and brighter future for AUSEK. Let’s cheer up for AUSEK

  AUSEK is ten years old, we are also ten years old, and ten years old is the flower season of life.

  It is the rising sun, the most energetic and passionate moment, and it is a time for us to celebrate with singing, dancing,red wine, and celebrating in all possible ways.

  One day,I will be in the waves in full speed, to show my own aspirations.

  Hanging my sailcloth up,going across the sea, I will achieve my dream.

  The bright future is waving to us, the road of flowers is at our feet, and our future is bright.

  Thank you!

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