Amy case

Amy case

John was my first Canada clients. I received his inquiry for our camera gs8000l on 2015-1-12. After my quotation he ordered the sample from us.

About a week later. I tried to contact him for the sample. He just told me that they were testing it, and he will contact me again if he think it is ok. In the next week. There was no any reply although I tried to contact him in many ways.

Since that. I paid no much attention to his case, and devoted myself to other clients. However, I received his email on 2015-2-5 morning. He told me he wanted to order 200pcs car camera gs8000land he hoped us ship it urgently.

I was happy to receive his order. But it was big problem for factory, because 2015 Chinese new year was coming. The workers would have a holiday soon. Our salesmen also would leave the company on 2015-2-10.

What’s more. We Ausek don’t have enough inventory at this time. Finally , we decided to accept his order for long cooperation. In order to deliver the goods on time. All staff went to factory to join the product line.

The product were finished on 9th. When the product is ready for ship, I received an email from John. He said he want to make the plastic film to cover with the package in case the product suffer the soak during ship. We face a big problem once again, we have no time to make the plastic film.I sent the email to John to give up this mind,and explained the special situation. It is lucky he agreed it.

In order to solve this problem. My colleague put forward a better way to do it. We bought a lot of plastic bag, and wrapped the goods with it. Finally, The product were arrived at John’s place smoothly.

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