Action camera purchase guide

Action camera purchase guide

  1. Choose the image quality, number of frames and angle of view according to your needs

①If image quality is important, choose a camera that supports 4K! 4K is now becoming the mainstream resolution for sports cameras

②If the action is intense, choose a high frame rate camera!

③The wide viewing angle is shocking, and the small viewing angle can avoid picture distortion

  1. Select the function according to the shooting scene

① If the camera is used in a scene of severe vibration, the camera must have an anti-shake function!

Camera anti-shake generally includes optical anti-shake and electronic anti-shake. If you want to control your hand shake to a minimum, it is recommended to use an optical image stabilization camera; the electronic image stabilization camera can resist slight vibrations

②Marine sports and outdoor shooting must be waterproof and dustproof. When shooting near water, choose a camera that is suitable for waterproof purposes.

③If you use it during travel, please pay attention to the battery life! Before buying, confirm how long you can shoot after a charge, and try to avoid the situation where the camera is out of power when half of the trip is reached.

  1. Choose the size and weight that is easy to carry! When choosing an action camera, you should also pay attention to the size and weight. If you can, it is recommended to choose a small and lightweight one, just like what is called a wearable camera.
  2. With more accessories, the bicycle is easier to install! If the action camera comes with a wealth of accessories, it is easier to respond to a variety of scenes.
  3. Compatible with Wi-Fi Bluetooth function. If you often share videos, it is recommended to equip a sports camera equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  4. With a display screen, you can view the video immediately when shooting. If you want to view the captured video screen in real time, the model equipped with a display screen will be very suitable.

The above are some suggestions for you to buy a sports camera. If you have anything to add, please leave a message in the comment area.

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