2k wifi remote action camera for fpv from China brand SGS factory

2k wifi remote action camera for fpv from China brand SGS factory

Last week, I introduced Ausek sport-camera 2k action camera. During the short several weeks, it won the attention of millions of customers on Alibaba, Global Source and so on. These customers are from European countries such as Poland, France, United Kingdom, etc.

Why it is so hot in the market compared with other sports cameras including helmet cameras SJCAM SJ4000, SJ5000, SJ6000? What’s more, it is equivalent with 4K Sony action camera.

Actually, the reason that such new and superior action camera had a big impact on the customer, especially for those outdoor activities fans is that it is functional not only with WIFI app both compatible with iOS and Android system, underwater workable 50M, HDMI cable available, AVI H.264 high definition output, it also has additional 15M Remote Controller watch and unique aerial line for FPV. With its competitive FOB shenzhen price $65 per piece and much superior design than others, it’s no wonder that it’s the best seller of 2015 in consumer electronics industry.

  Regarding to the Remote Controller function, it is a little confused for most customer, the following is the user instruction of the remote controller:

  1,Turn on the FPV camera, press the “up” button about 2-3 seconds to enter the manual page;

  2,Press “wifi” button to go in the “Tool menu”, then press ”down” button to find the “remote pairing”, finally to turn on the “remote pairing” function;

  3,Long press the “up/manual” button to turn into the “recording” mode, then press the two button on the “remote controller watch” about 2-3 seconds until the light is flashing. It means that you have finished the pairing of camera and remote controller;

  4,Press button on the left of the remote watch to start and stop the shooting;

  5,If you want to take photo while using the remote controller, just press ”wifi” button to enter the “capture” mode, press the button on the right of the remote controller to control the camera;

  It is easy and simple running of its function. When buyers or customers get the camera, kindly firstly scan the use manual and follow the manual to run the camera. If you have any question about Ausek action camera, please feel free to contact us by email info@ausek.com, or call us 86-13927439912. We will get you in touch within 24 hours by email.

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