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Dash Cam Related Questions – Part 2

times   2019-06-13

Q1: Why it will automatically start up/shut down?

A1: Please make sure the function “parking monitor” is turned on, if it’s on, dash cam will start up automatically to record while detecting the vehicle shaking or moving, and the file will not be covered, need to delete manually.


Q2:Why it may crash or leak?


Mainly because users use a low speed card, it’s suggested to use class 10 card;

Also connect dash cam to the computer through the cable to replay, or replay on the card with reader, both will cause lag; As card output speed cannot meet the speed to play video on the player.


Q3: How to do when it shows “Memory card is full”?


Format the memory card through the computer before use it;

Check files that recorded under the functions of “G-sensor” and “Parking monitor”, because they will not be covered.

Delete useless files in a time to spare space for loop recording.
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